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Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a choice we believe in and apply in our vision

Sustainable mobility

Electric vans and charging stations

We have chosen to deliver coffee in a sustainable way. With the introduction of electric vans in the company, which we use to supply Ho.Re.Ca customers, we move in full respect of the environment both outside the roasting plant and inside, using our charging stations.

Eco friendly kit

Sustainable cups and stirrers

Enjoying a coffee while at the same time respecting the environment is made possible thanks to our take-away kits, made entirely of recyclable materials. Cardboard is used for the cups and bamboo for the stirrers.


Less wrapping, more sustainability

By using cardboard packaging or products made from materials that are as recyclable as possible, or by reducing the wrapping of our products, we become protagonists of a circular economy.

Compostable pods

A sustainable taste

We are also sustainable in the choice of the products we offer. All of our Easy Espresso pods (E.S.E) are certified compostable, while the box that contains them is made of recyclable cardboard.

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